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Major In Practice, Minor in Study, Degree in Awesome!

When your major is really your minor and the real world should be your major… really?

Want to really use what you learn in school, and actually be interested? Well then “major” in study of a profession and minor in the more general subject matter. For, while the successful study of any given subject can earn you a certificate, it is highly unlikely to get you the job or career you want, even if you only want to work for yourself.

Among the most successful graduates of the world, are those who found a connectedness between their major of study and their desire of field of application. So, if you’re not up on a professional pursuit in advance of selecting your major, now would be a good time to stop and reflect upon what those things are, define them and make them into a strategic plan.

The first bad indicator: “I don’t use a single thing I learned in school.”

I am so tired of hearing “I don’t use one iota of what I learned in school” that I can’t even express it in words, largely because I have gone numb to it’s implied meaning. First of all, the implication is that there is no value in the education.

Mind you, this is in the eyes of the beholder, but isn’t that the point? If from your viewpoint, you see no value then, why study it in the first place? And, if your answer was that you really wanted what the degree would buy you career-wise, why didn’t you look harder for that connection? It isn’t that there were no connections to be found, it was, why didn’t YOU find one? It must start with a connection.

I get it. Selecting a career interest is not always easy. But how do you approach it?

I will give you that choosing a major sometimes is based on a desire to “try out” a few things in attempts to find what really turns you on and ignites any passion which may lay dormant. The problem starts with a generality of subject matter. Many majors are too generalized a topic with no implication of field of application.

Political Science takes a beating, often, in this regard. If you, rather, were interested first in law enforcement or the legal profession, this would provide a better measuring stick against which to assess your interest in the general subject. A practical purpose to which the subject applies must come first and, you will find, does rank in priority among the most successful graduates of the halls of education.

Major in professions with a minor in subjects…

Don’t freak out. If you’re thinking that all is lost because the entire reason for choosing a major is that you have no idea about a career choice, you’re in for an easy time of it. All you need to do is shift your investigation a bit more toward the target of end professions.

In our Poli-Sci example above, take it one step further. Instead of thinking that you may be interested in it in general, make a list of professions attached to that field of study.

Read up on them. Study them closely. Talk to people who do them. Trust me, if you are interested in those fields after investigating them, you will find the study of the subject itself FASCINATING, even if you previously found it lackluster and unintelligible.

It’s all in the context in which you study it. So, why not provide yourself with a context?

There is nothing wrong with not knowing what you want to do. But there is something wrong with not doing something about it…

Think about it. You can waste many precious years of your life investigating and studying different subjects and find little that interests you. Or, you can spend way less time and discover spheres of action, production, purpose, outcomes and results, finding which ones really make you burn to be a part of them. The fields of study required to accomplish them, out of context, may not even show a tiny spec of interest on your radar.

Putting the activity of endeavor, the potential life action, front and center, however, and studying IT briefly, will lead you to hone in on a singular major, without the need to endlessly “try” different subjects. And, MAN, does it make the subject jump right off the textbook pages and whiteboards and come so alive. You’ll find it hard to resist. It’s quite exciting!

This is the stuff of what burning passions and successful careers, businesses and creative endeavors are composed. If you haven’t figured that out by now, perhaps it’s time you had.

The alternative?

You will never use one iota of what you learned in school!

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