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e2 Mad Life Skills 4 College for All Ages with Mentor Noelle Ward @lifeskills4college

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Meet Noelle Ward @lifeskills4college and Learn How to Crush a College Education!

Join Frank, Michele and Sarah as they interview Noelle Ward, health and wellness professional turned online life skills 4 college mentor on mindset, actions and what it really takes to make it in college, a career and life too. Get in the know on the difference between information and wisdom, as well as what aspects of a college career are most important for success, and how to avoid pitfalls and failures. @lifeskills4college

What’s the story with Noelle Ward?

Noelle Ward and lifeskills4college are the connection parents and their teens VITALLY NEED in getting ready for college, and college life in general. Noelle, in her online courses, on-site addresses and workshops, covers everything from verbal and non-verbal communication skills, to getting along with others, to basic survival skills in the classroom and in one’s own in life. Many corollaries exist between what Noelle teaches and the concept of the College Mastermind Audio Podcast; Noelle teaches “life skills for college” with the College Mastermind emphasized “College Skills for Life”.

Noelle is a shining example of what we’re here to do on College Mastermind. She loves her career as an Occupational Therapist and administrator and sports a lengthy, impressive resume, including the likes of the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, a nationally-recognized model for catastrophic care, and a Dir Rehabilitation for one of the largest home health care organizations in the US, where she was responsible for QUALITY of PT, OT and Speech therapy services, and was even a field instructor for several OT schools and Healthcare Management and Business programs, as well as an ongoing community partner and guest speaker for the University of Alabama at Birmingham Occupational Therapy School. She has been responsible for hundreds of employees and is an active mentor in her field.

Although she is amazing at what she does at her “day job”, she is most passionate about her @lifeskills4college mentoring for parents of teens and college-bound teens themselves. She brings to the table online courses, workshops and many other sources for parents and teens to make their college experience profitable and successful in the fullest sense of the words. Giving basic life skills from living and communication skills to making the most out of the college life and classroom experience, Noelle empowers people to become a success and circumvent the pitfalls normally left to chance in the college experience.

She is essentially providing a full embodiment of advice parents would want to impart upon and give to their teens to learn what they wish they knew going in, and so much more.

How to contact Noelle:

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